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Service of Volkswagen vehicles

Recent Volkswagen commercials present the company's slogan 'Drivers wanted.' This embodies the newer image of the VW as a driver's car, a vehicle characterized by more than economy. While the Volkswagen has always been a sturdy, reliable, durable car, the recent models have become more geared toward those who take pleasure in driving, with more powerful engines, larger wheels, and performance features like direct fuel injection, all-wheel drive and electromechanical steering.


The switch from the 'efficient and economical' designation has been brought on by many of those new features offered for performance reasons, as well as a list of 'luxury' features like heated seats as a standard inclusion in many models. Your dependable VW has taken on new aspects.


For those who take pleasure in driving itself, keeping a car in perfect operational shape is vital to the lifespan and performance of the car. Un-addressed repairs, or inferior repairs or replacement parts, can not only lead to lower gas mileage and rougher overall operation, but could potentially damage the car further.


Ace Auto and Air Care at Ocala is as reliable as your VW, and the facility's staff of ASE-certified mechanics is more than capable of serving all your car's needs, from inspection to estimate to repair.