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Ocala 60K Service

Many people find themselves considering the same question when their vehicles hit 60,000 miles: how much service do I really need? Perhaps you've recently gotten some brake work done, or were readily considering bringing your car in for an oil change. Maybe you've had your fluid levels checked and replenished, your filters replaced or any combination of issues tended to, in which case you may be thinking, is more work really necessary?

Depending on your vehicle, the scheduled maintenance can cover many aspects of your vehicle that regular oil changes and brake checks won't cover. We can give you the specific care that your vehicle needs as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

Our ASE certified team can perform a 60K service in compliance with the highest standards of quality and integrity. You need someone who you can trust, who will honestly and correctly identify the needs of your vehicle, and will provide those repairs at a fair and reasonable price. When you come to Ace Auto Care in Ocala, you'll find exactly that: a reliable staff dedicated to maintaining your vehicle and serving our community. For 60K service, routine maintenance, or any repairs your car requires, any make or model, please don't hesitate to contact us here at Ace Auto Care. We're glad to help!