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Service of Jeep vehicles

Regular visits to your Jeep repair shop are the number one way to keep your hard driven Jeep on the road - or off it if you’re a trail rider! At Ace Auto and Air Care in Orlando, we know that you don’t need to experience the bumps of a rough trail to need a little maintenance every now and then. Every vehicle will experience wear and tear, some parts last longer than others and oil changes for all systems must be maintained regularly.


Your Jeep was made for tough terrain. Even if you stick to smooth roads and never experience the thrill of driving over a muddy embankment you’ll still need to get your Jeep checked up on. That’s because city driving can be just as taxing on your Jeep as trail riding. Stop and start traffic, hot weather causing overheating, wearing those brake pads out and the general nature of all those miles you’re putting on it can put any vehicle to the test. You may not be wincing your buddy out a ditch, but your Jeep still has repair needs!


At Ace Auto and Air Care in Orlando we enjoy working on Jeeps. They’re a sturdily made American car. This gives us the best access to parts for replacing worn out systems, along with years of experience working on these popular vehicles. We have you covered for all of your Jeep repair needs. From minor maintenance, to major repair work after unfortunate circumstances, we have the right tools and diagnostic equipment to get you back behind the wheel of your Jeep. Stop by our shop in Orlando today.